Community service has always been a passion for Joan Chanman-Forbes but family is primary and very important. After years of service to the community her focus changed when in 2013 her brother became ill. Suddenly there was this new realm of unknown rushing towards her.  Her brother wasn’t married, his teen age son was out of state in college, so as his caring and compassionate sister Joan, had to step forward and put family first.

Joan then seized the role as his caretaker which resulted in her quitting her full time job of 15 years.  Immediately after leaving work, Joan also had to resign from the group she volunteered with.  It is fair to say, that this new roll of being a caretaker that God had graciously bestowed upon her was frightening.  She had no experience in home care and had to learn on the go.  Thankfully Joan had a solid base of support.  Her husband continued to be her strongest inspiration and she had family and friends supporting her but that feeling of being lost kept rising to the surface.

It took approximately a year to regain some control of her time.  Joan could finally care for her brother and was able to regain steady footing enough to get back into community service.  Now Joan needed to find a way to include her brother in the community service activities she loved so much. With a focus on children, Joan and her husband decided it was best to start an organization of their own where they could manage their own time and involvement.

Soon after, they discussed the idea with family and close friends and began researching how to start a non-profit organization.  They worked tirelessly gathering the information needed and then submitted the paperwork. Today with much delight, they are OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC. 

The goal of OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC. is primarily to support children in the need in the areas of Education, Health and Financial Support.  The intent is to provide various avenues of support to assist in making the family’s stress-status less arduous.

Their target population consists of several communities within the Los Angeles City area, economically challenged communities of Trinidad and Tobago and other international communities


The Mission of OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC. (OCTF INC.) is to work collaboratively with local communities in Los Angeles, Trinidad and Tobago and other International communities, providing for less fortunate children in these communities, through education, finance and health care.

Our goal is to serve the community in the areas of:




We are a:


Non-Profit Organization

We were:

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Ministry outside the four walls!!!!!! I’m proud of Joan and her blessed team! For those of you who are looking to plant seed on good ground…..this organization is a good place to sow! 

Mel'lisa Baptiste

Founder & Director , Fueled by Hope Evangelistic Ministry

Dear Joan, On behalf of the entire family of L.I.F.E Centre, we would like to sincerely thank you for your kind heart and generosity in bringing treats and presents to all the students at our school. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!

Giselle Adams

General Manager, L.I.F.E. Centre

Thank you for your organizations generosity and thoughtfulness! You can tell how excited the children are to receive their new books! Thank you for all you do!!! Thank you From the Heart! 

Betty Luckett

Founder and CEO, From The Heart Preschool and Enrichment Center


Email: octf@ca.rr.com
Phone: 323-971-0345