It is with great pleasure I recommend, OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC, a Non-Profit Organization, founded and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Forbes.  They have been providing support to children and adults both in Los Angeles, California and in Trinidad and Tobago since 2004 and they do so through donations.  It’s through their hearts of gold and genuine love for mankind it gives them the motivation to go above and beyond to help those in need which includes the homeless and the under privileged in many ways, they bring smiles to faces and joy to acking hearts.

I can firmly say any assistance given to this organization will be used for the betterment in lives and education of children.  Just to mention a few of the areas of which they have aided: personal care items for adults, both male and female; toys for kids; reading and craft supplies to various pre-schools; back to school supplies for children returning to school; scholarships to our kids leaving high school heading off to college; food hampers to families in need; medical needs equipment for seniors or children with disabilities.

In conclusion, I highly recommend OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC “OCTF” for any type of assistance being given.


Lydia Patterson.