Many people today rely on non-profit or not-for-profit organizations for the opportunities/help they give to different communities. Currently, I am an Executive Member of a non-profit organization, OUR CHILDREN THE FUTURE INC.; our purpose is to give back to less fortunate children and families locally and internationally. By having this role I can give my honest response to our discussion.

Since being involved in this organization I personally have grown a fond attachment for giving back to the community in any way, shape, or form. We are currently hosting a plethora of events that are driven towards our education and health programs for families that can’t afford the extensive fees, and a prom prep providing young ladies with dresses, shoes, accessories and a glamour bag, which were donated by members and people who support our mission and see the work being done. Being active and proposing some of the events that we are having, I would consider a career in a not-for-profit organization. NOT because of the recognition, but for seeing the faces of those who receive the benefit of our hard work dedicated to them.

Our Executive Director/President, Mrs. Joan Chanman-Forbes, and Vice President Mrs. Deborah Osborne, have dedicated their time solemnly to this purpose and I commend them, their board, executive members and program coordinators whole heartedly for all of the energy and hard work they have put towards this organization; which has only been active for over one year! The way I look at the entire picture, there is always work to be done! Non-profit organizations, whether small or gargantuan, when doing the right thing, they all fulfill the need to give back to their cause.

Just as a heads up, you can take some time to roam our website to see if there is something you would consider lending a helping hand to, by donation, volunteer and or supporting our events.


Breanna Edwards/Friend