My name is Christopher Ramroop and I live in the lovely twin island of sun, sea and sand, Trinidad & Tobago. I am 46 years of age, have been disable for 20 years due to a motor vehicle accident, I am also a quadriplegic and an acrylic artist. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and there I was in Port of Spain on the promenade, at a Government Disable Unemployed Relief Program, where I was displaying my art work for the reason of raising funds for purchasing a motorized wheel chair for myself. The media guy who was hosting the program introduced me to the lovely lady Joan. I told Ms. Joan of my ongoing challenge of trying to raise funds for purchasing a motorized wheel chair. I have met scores of beautiful people who said they will assist me but there was none who followed up. There promises I realized was only a comfort to a fool “me”, from those who do not keep to their word. My request to Ms. Joan was answered, as she told me, “I will try my best to get you some wheels”, with a sympathetic voice.

At that time, it had been four years since my original chair was broken and could not be repaired due to the memory chip on the control arm switch. All that time, I stayed isolated in my room at the Gentle Heart Home where I reside not being able to associate with the public, it was indeed a doom and gloom experience but I remained humble. Ms. Joan and I kept in contact after we first meet and one day I received a phone call and an email from her saying she had found me a motorized chair. It’s been years now since I received the chair but I can definitely say that Ms. Joan is a blessing! this is definitely an act where one meets a complete stranger and that person turns out to be a Good Samaritan. Today I can say that our introduction became a bonding friendship and Ms. Joan and Mr. Lloyd are my new family/friends for life. I was extremely happy when I first saw the pictures via email but Wahwoow when I could touch it. I loved it! It was more than I expected. The Chair looked brand new! And I was looking forward to get on my new ride. I have also received various other types of personal care supplies which have and continue to assist me in my daily care.

When I first saw my new set of wheels, I was stunned, speechless and thinking that this was unbelievable, I said to myself, there are still people in the world who still care and perform humanitarian work which serve mankind such as me. My sister came to visit me just in time to witness the whole scene, when she took pictures of Mr. Lloyd, the crew and myself. I can truthfully say, with the circle of few fine lovable brothers and sisters who are reaching out to wounded soldiers like me and putting great efforts and time for our comfort. I salute you Ms. Joan; you are indeed one of a kind. Thanks again. Have a splendid day Lady Joan. Stay blessed my friend.

Love always,
Christopher “Chris” Ramroop